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Andy Butler

Associate Director | Supplier Diversity, Sustainability, & Innovation

The Procter & Gamble Company

Phone: 513.698.7992

  • What are some of the key factors you attribute the success to your company's successful Supplier Diversity Program?

    • Supplier Diversity is successful at P&G because we understand the importance of having a supply network that reflects the diversity of our employees, consumers, and stakeholders.  When we work with diverse suppliers, we not only improve our innovation and go-to market capabilities, but also the lives of the men and women who work in these companies.  Supplier Diversity has been part of our DNA for 40 years, and this ensures that we drive the spirit and intent of Supplier Diversity in all that we do.

  • How do you think Supplier Diversity professionals can continue to make a strong case for the need of diversifying the supply chain?

    • We believe a diverse supply network will outthink, out-innovate, and outperform a non-diverse supply network.  Additionally, we know that Supplier Diversity drives topline growth as well, and we must continue to drive this aspect of our work – Supplier Diversity creates a unique opportunity to create value in our business and in our community.

  • What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the Supplier Diversity Programs? How would you like to see the BDR address these challenges?

    • It is critical to ensure that Supplier Diversity is fundamentally aligned with business and sourcing strategies – this alignment can drive tremendous value, but lack of alignment can create significant gaps.

  • What advice would you give other corporations and/or public sector agencies considering implementing and/or improving their supplier diversity program?

    • First and foremost, Supplier Diversity must be tied to the overall company and sourcing strategy and be an integrated part of your plans.  If done well, this is a game-changing strategy that drives significant value and creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • What do you find as the key value of being part of the BDR?

    • Connection with like-minded companies and the ability to shape and drive the future vision of Supplier Diversity.

  • Provide some bullet points on the requirements of doing business with your corporation.

    • See our website,, to learn more.